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We are currently interested in purchasing the following post-industrial products loose in Gaylords, bales, in roll form or as drools or purgings.

plastic drools
roll form


..clear(natural), solid color or mixed  PETE


High Density Polyethylene HDPE
…clear(natural),solid color


Flexible Vinyl PVC
…clear (natural), solid color, mixed


Low Density Polyethylene LDPE
…clear (natural), solid color


Polypropylene PP
…clear (natural) uncoated


Polystyrene and HIPS   PS                                                                    …clear(natural )or solid color


Drool FAQs

Q. What are drools?
Drools are the excess plastic materials collected during the extruding or molding process. When molten resin leaks out of a plasticator nozzle while filling (shooting) the mold, the plastic material is collected in a receptacle. After cooling and hardening, the drool is formed. Drools can weigh as much as several hundred pounds.

Q. Why are drools valuable?
Drools are valuable. Unlike purgings ( the forcing out of one material from a plasticator with another material prior to shooting the new material), drools are usually unmixed material which are free of contaminants such as labels, adhesives, inserts, etc.

Q. What does a recycler do with drools?
Drools are processed into recycled plastic. After collection, the drools are ground up into smaller chips, extruded and pelletized. The pellets are then utilized into the formation of new product.

Q. Why call Harry Solow to buy your drools?
Harry Solow Plastic Co. is capable of picking up drools, We have our own trucks that will pick up the drools in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania area.

We are also interested in scrap heat sealing dies.